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Currently Offered Outreach Programs


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Wildlife Program Series

This series consists of four 1-hour-long (or 90 min depending on your schedule) programs building off of each other. Students are encouraged to keep a journal through the course of this series to build their observation skills and knowledge. We are flexible on scheduling if you want weekly, monthly, etc. This is a great way to get students excited to learn about animals! Recommended for 1st grade and up and aligned with Next Generation Science Standards!
• Session 1: Animal Classification (Taxonomy)
• Session 2: Habitats and Adaptations
• Session 3: Coloration and Camouflage
• Session 4: Conservation and Citizen Science

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Talon Talk

Our most popular program! In this program, we will dive into the characteristics that define raptors and why they are important to our ecosystems. Audiences will discover the various types of birds of prey found all over the world, what it takes to care for a bird of prey, and learn how Nature's Educators is permitted to keep raptors. The audience will learn about their personal histories, anatomy, hunting strategies, and habitats.

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Bird Shows (Stage Shows for Zoos, Ren Faires, Parks, Etc)

We are able to do educational talks and host tables for Renaissance Festivals, Resorts, and other special events. If you are interested in having us out to do stage shows, host a tent/table, or do continous programming, please reach out! We are able to travel (including other states) and are flexible with scheduling events such as these. Keep in mind, we are an education program....not entertainment....we can do "edutainment!"

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Interactive Booth Set Up

We are able to host an interactive and educational booth for your event, fair, festival, organization, etc. Bring some extra excitement to your event by having live birds of prey and/or reptiles present.

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Habitats and Adaptations

Animals have different adaptations to live in different habitats. Each animal has a job or "niche" in its habitat to help keep the ecosystem going. In this program, we will learn about various adaptations animals have to survive in their environments.

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What a Hoot

This program is dedicated to learning about owls and the physical and behavioral adaptations they have that help them survive in their environment. Meet some real owls and learn their personal stories and amazing features.

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Creatures of the Night

Nocturnal and crepuscular animals have different features and behaviours to help them be active at night. For this popular program, we will learn about creatures that are active at night. We will bring an owl and a few other creepy-crawly critters to help show off their amazing adaptations!

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Super Snakes

Snakes are amazing creatures which many people fear. During this presentation, discover the ways to identify which snakes are venomous, learn what snakes eat, find out where they live, and how they find their prey. Visit with a variety of snakes and who knows, you may overcome your fear of these legless reptiles by the end of the program!

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Radical Reptiles

Reptiles and Amphibians (herptiles) are amazing creatures! Discover what herptiles eat, find out where they live, and all their adaptations! Meet a handful of live herptiles up close!

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Colorado Natives

Colorado is a special place that has its own pride and identity. From the high forests of the Rocky Mountains to the open expanses of the Great Plains - it's our beautiful home that we share with amazing wildlife. In this program, learn what makes Colorado's habitats such a great place for some of our feathered, scaly, and slimy neighbors. Also, meet animal ambassadors that are true Colorado Natives!

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Meet and Greet

During this program, children will meet 3 animal ambassadors (decided on by host and NE volunteers) and learn general information about them. Please note - this 30 min program will only be offered within Fremont County. Any further and we need to do at least 2 (60 min total) to help cover travel costs.

Available in both English and Spanish!

Outreach Raptor Show

Outreach Programs


What our programs look like

All of our programs are high-energy, interactive, and fun! 


Any Location

Whether you are next door, across town, or in a different state, we will travel to (almost) any location to bring live animals to your event.

Any Event

From school events to nature centers, from private gatherings to large festivals, we have literally done it all. Our programs can be customized  to fit your needs, venue, and audience.

Always Exciting

Our amazing presenters are engaging, enthusiastic, and knowledgable.  Our live animals can make any event a special and memorable experience. 

Always Evolving

We make sure that our programs reflect the latest in scientific findings. We strive to teach every audience member at least one new piece of information that they didn’t know before. 

We bring live animals to you !

We connect people to the environment by teaching about the other creatures that share our space. We hope that by connecting with our ambassadors and learning their personal stories, audience members will understand the importance of conservation.

*Please note, we do NOT allow touching of any of our ambassadors for their safety and for yours.  It also sends the wrong message (especially to children) to allow "petting" of our ambassadors.  Our goal is to teach respect of wildlife and wild places.