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We offer Educational Photo Shoots!

Join us for one of our many unforgettable experiences photographing some of our amazing ambassadors!

  • Photo by
    Pappa Dukes
  • Photo by
    Peter Batty
  • Photo by
    Tony's Takes
  • Photo by
    Zina Balash

Talons and Tripods Photoshoots

Join us in Florence, CO for a special photography expereince with Cheryl Opperman and Opperman Photographics, Inc!

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Cost is $495 per day - Choose as many days as you like!
Each day will provide different opportunities, settings, and animals to photograph. The fee is for tuition only. Lodging, transportation, and meals are not included.


Do you want to schedule a private shoot for your camera club or group? Let us know! Fees from photo sessions go toward caring for our ambassadors.

Please note, we do not allow touching or handling of our birds! These photo sessions are educational - we will be teaching you about each bird you are photographing. We will have them perched outside with great backgrounds or inside with fabric backdrops if that is of interest.