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Wildlife Rehabilitation

Nature's Educators is officially open to take in injured, sick, and orphaned wildlife patients

Our wildlife hospital is open and accepting patients, giving the Front Range one more resource when they encounter a wildlife emergency. We are currently accepting raptors and passerines (songbirds) into our wildlife hospital. All other birds and mammals will be on a case by case basis.

Report Injured Wildlife

(720) 900 - HAWK
(720) 900 - 4295

"The Nest"

The only mobile flight enclosure in CO, & as far as we know - the country!

The Nest Flight Enclosure

This enclosure is so unique! one of the coolest features is the two "hacking doors." Hacking is a release method that helps young birds of prey reach their hunting potential by giving them exercise and experience in a safe controlled setting. Most often, birds hone their skills and are fed in the enclosure in the environment they will be released in. Once the birds are to a certain skill level, the enclosure doors are open to let the birds fly free. Supplemental feedings are still provided to the birds in the enclosure until they no longer need the help. Generally, it is agreed that hacked birds are more successful once released.