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Raised: $39,315
Goal: $100,000

Announcing our new Nature Center!

We are extremely excited to announce that we have moved into a brand new 79 acre facility!

We are renting space from the Cherokee Ranch and Castle Foundation in Sedalia, CO - just minutes south of Metro Denver. With a lot of time, money, and hard work by Nature's Educators volunteers & supporters, we have redone 2 large buildings to house our animal ambassadors. The facility is on private property at this time and not open to the public. While we hope to be public some day, due to location restrictions that is not possible at this time. We will continue to give our outreach programs though! If you are interested in donating to help us pay rent, continue construction, and continue to better the property, please reach out to us using the donation methods below - we would greatly appreciate it!

The dream is coming true

This facility has been a dream and a major goal of our organization since the beginning. Our facility includes spacious climate-controlled living quarters for all of our birds of prey & non-avian ambassadors. We have also built state-of-the-art medical care facilities and food prep rooms on site and will have ample room to grow. In addition to the indoor facilities, we have a football-field-sized flight arena to train and exercise our flighted ambassadors.

How YOU can help

Of course, this is a huge project for a small organization like us, so we need your help! While the overall project is expected to cost over $200,000, we need to raise just $100,000 before we can move in. Below you will find many ways to support us.


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Raised: $39,315
Goal: $100,000