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Past Educational Programs

To keep our organization fresh and exciting, we retire certain programs each year in order to make room for new ones. Here are some of our educational programs that we no longer actively maintain. However, if something here catches your eye, please contact us and we will do our best to prepare a program that is just right for you.

Goddard School
Friends of a Feather
Pre-K and K
30 minutes

A raptor puppet will help to read a children's story about birds of prey. After the story and the precursor (puppet) to the real deal, one of our ambassadors will come out. We will talk about birds of prey in general and what makes them special. The puppet will make the transition to seeing the real bird smoother. We want younger children to respect and understand these predators without fearing them.

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African Adventure
All Ages
30-60 minutes

Wild animals exist all over the world and fill roles (niches) in various ecosystems. During this program, audience members will learn about an ecosystem that is very different than our Colorado regions. Animals in Africa have amazing adaptations to survive in a hot climate. Find out how various insects, reptiles, and birds find food, water, defend themselves, and travel in this unique ecosystem!

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Getting Wild
All Ages
30-60 minutes

This program features our reptiles and insects. Students will learn about the physical differences and how these creatures behave. The species at hand will represent different habitats, diets, physical appearances, sounds, defense methods, and more. Every animal has its importance in the ecosystem!

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All Ages
30-60 minutes

Many people have what's called "Arachnophobia" which is the fear of spiders and other arachnids. We want to teach people how important these 8-legged animals are. Meet a variety of arachnids and learn how they eat, defend themselves, and blend into their environment.

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Taking Flight
5th Grade and Up
60 minutes

Many birds have the amazing gift of flight. In this critical-thinking program, participants will explorejust how birds make flight happen. Discover how each feather plays a part and how our aircrafts are build after these amazing animals. Audiences will have the opportunity to see one of our ambassadors in flight.

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Evolutionary Similarities between Dinosaurs and Birds
7th Grade +
60 minutes

If Dinosaurs were so big, then why are birds so small? Find out about different theories on dinosaur to bird evolution. Learn about skeletal, muscular, and cranial similarities.

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